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Pieces, Fabrics, and Seams

Pieces, Fabrics, and Seams

When you assign a piece, you have the option of capturing the piece’s fabric. By default, the piece’s fabric is not captured. Similarly, you can capture the seam used on an edge.

If you capture a piece’s fabric, this ensures the designer cannot use a different fabric when working with the SmartDesign file.

To capture a piece’s fabric, when assigning the piece, select the Fabrics option at the top of the Configuration panel.

Select Fabrics

For example, assume you have multiple collar pattern pieces. One of the collar pieces uses a rib typed material, and all the others use non rib typed material. That one collar piece is, to take account of the rib typed material, sized differently from the rest. If a designer tried to use non rib type material with that one piece, the design would not work properly. To prevent this from happening, and to ensure the rib typed material is always used, when assigning this collar piece, you would capture the fabric.


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