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Assigning Pieces

Assigning Pieces

Having created the categories and types, you need to assign the pattern pieces to the correct category and type.

  • When assigning the pieces, if the piece you want to assign is not displayed in the 2D window, at the bottom left of the screen, click Select All.

  • If you do not assign a pattern piece to a category, it always displays in the 2D window and it is included in every combination.

To assign pieces to a type of category:

  1. Go to the 2D window, and select the pattern pieces you want to assign.

  2. Go to the Configuration panel, and in the appropriate category type, select the checkbox. For example, the following image shows the assignment of pattern pieces to the Fit category, Regular type.

    Fit category, regular type

    Two buttons are displayed in the panel: Done and Cancel.

    Selcting the checkbox

    At this point, if you wanted to capture the fabric with the pieces, you would click Fabrics at the top of the panel. For more information, refer to Pieces, Fabrics, and Seams.
  3. Click Done. (Or click elsewhere on the user interface.) The pieces are assigned. The tick icon that displays in the panel Tick icon shows what is selected on the Silhouettes tab (2020 May Edition or newer) or Features tab (earlier editions).

Use the verification feature (Verify) to check which pieces are assigned to which categories and types. For example, to check which pieces are assigned to the Sleeves category, go to that category and click Verify. Sleeves are displayed in the 2D window.



Removing Assigned Pieces

If required, you can remove the assignment so pattern pieces are no longer assigned.

To remove the assignment:

  1. In the 2D window, click the piece you want to remove.

    You can select and remove multiple pieces at the same time.
  2. Go to the Configuration panel, and click Remove.

    Selected is displayed for each selected piece.

  3. Clear Selected.

    Two buttons are displayed in the panel: Done and Cancel.


  4. Click Done. The selected piece is no longer assigned.


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