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Moving the Pivot Point

Moving the Pivot Point

While in walk mode, you can use the mouse to drag the pivot point and move it around the stationary piece.

To move the pivot point:

  1. In the 2D window, locate the walk piece.

  2. Locate the pivot point on the piece

  3. Place the mouse on the pivot point and drag it down on the edge of the stationary piece.

  4. Drag the pivot point until you reach the point where you want to edit the shape or clone it to the current angle.

The following image shows this feature in action.

Slide a piece

The pivot point passes the same distance on both edges as you pass through the corner points, while skipping over darts and pleats.

The walk edge length (between the starting point and the current pivot point) is displayed on the stationery piece and updated as you move the pivot point.

After you select the two points to begin the walk, the system automatically begins from the edges that are closer in length to each other.

  1. If automatic edge pairing aligns a pair of edges that you do not want to use, slide the pivot point to another available edge.

    Alignment is recalculated. You can also move the pivot point to another edge, if required.

    Walk pieces display no texture or material fill even if showing textures is enabled.
  2. To mirror the walked piece, right-click on the pivot point.

    For further information on mirroring a walk piece, refer to Mirroring.


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