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SmartDesign Overview

SmartDesign Overview

SmartDesign is a separately licensed, modular design feature which allows you to set up a SmartDesign template with multiple combinations of pattern pieces and elements. Once the template is created, you may generate snapshots of every combination or of selected combinations. For example, you might have a SmartDesign file consisting of a t-shirt with multiple collar types, multiple sleeve types, and multiple body types. The software can create every possible combination using each of these parts, or it can create only those combinations you want.

Smart Design Availability

Before May 2020, if you did not have a SmartDesign license, you could neither create nor open SmartDesign template files. With effect from 2020 May Edition, users without a SmartDesign license are able to:

  • Open SmartDesign template files

  • Select combinations of elements in a template file to create multiple garments

  • Create snapshots of the garments created

Creating and editing a SmartDesign template requires a SmartDesign license.

If you are interested in a SmartDesign license and receiving access to the full SmartDesign set of capabilities, contact your Browzwear representative.

Understanding SmartDesign Terminology

To best understand the SmartDesign feature, you should be familiar with the following terminology.


Name used for a SmartDesign file. Note, however, that the file format is a standard Browzwear type: BW or VSGX.


Each SmartDesign template consists of building blocks called categories. Each pattern piece you want to use must be assigned to a category.

For example, a category might be sleeves. All the pattern pieces which are sleeves should be assigned that category.

Within each category, there can be subcategories, also known as nested categories. For example, a subcategory of sleeves might be sleeve hems with each pattern piece having a different stitch construction.

Important: The feature is flexible so you can set the categories in the best way to match your own workflow.


Within each category, there may be different types. For example, in the Sleeves category, you might have the following types: Short, Medium, and Long.


Each pattern piece you want to use must be assigned to a category.


Each pattern piece must either be a part of the core garment, or related to a matching pattern piece. For example, assume the template is for a t-shirt. The core garment might consist of a front piece, a back piece, a collar piece, a left sleeve piece and a right sleeve piece. As with a normal garment, the pieces are arranged, prepared and stitched as required. Each extra piece must be related. So, left sleeve pieces are related to the left sleeve piece, front pieces are related to the front piece and so on.

For more information, refer to Creating a SmartDesign Template.

Available SmartDesign Templates

Browzwear has made available a selection of SmartDesign templates for your use.

To download a SmartDesign template:

  1. On the Main menu, click File, then Import from Cloud. The Browzwear Cloud Library window is displayed.

    Browzwear Cloud Library

  2. Click SmartDesign - May Edition. The available templates are displayed.

  3. Click a template you want to download. An image of the garment is displayed with a download icon. Click to download

  4. Click Download. The template file is downloaded to your computer.

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