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Creating a SmartDesign Template

Creating a SmartDesign Template

There are several ways to create a SmartDesign template. The following workflow is simply one example. You should use whatever workflow best suits your circumstances.

To create a SmartDesign template:

  1. Create a file with the core garment pattern pieces and all the extra variations of pattern pieces you want.

  2. Lay out the pieces in the 2D window. Important: Ensure none of the pattern pieces overlap.

    It is best practice to agree a standard layout so that all SmartDesign templates are presented in a similar way. For example, your layout might specify that front pattern pieces go on the left side of the 2D window and back pattern pieces on the right.
  3. Assign fabrics and materials as you want.

  4. For the core garment pattern pieces only:

    1. Go to arrange mode and arrange the pattern pieces.

    2. Go to prepare mode and prepare the pattern pieces on the avatar.

    3. Stitch the pattern pieces together.

    4. Dress the garment.

  5. Create the required categories and nested categories.

  6. Create the required types.

  7. Assign the pattern pieces.

  8. Relate the pattern pieces.

  9. Create the SmartDesign combinations.

  10. At this point, you can go through however many rounds of selecting combinations you want, until you have the designs you are happy with.



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