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While in walk mode, you can clone a walk piece to keep a copy of the piece in its new location, while retaining the original walk piece in its original location.

To clone a walk piece:

  1. In the 2D window, locate a walk piece.

  2. Right-click on the walk piece.

    The right-click menu is displayed.

    The following image shows the Unlock and Clone options in the right-click menu.

  3. Select Clone.

    An identical walk piece is displayed next to the original walk piece.

  4. Exit the walk mode.

    For further information on exiting the walk mode, refer to Exiting Walk Mode.

    If you move the cloned walk piece, the original walk piece remains in its original location, while the cloned walk piece is in its new location. The cloned walk piece retains its walk piece rotation values, but without stitches or clusters. (A cluster is the placement and angle of a piece on the avatar).

    After exiting the walk mode, you can continue working on the cloned piece (for example, by slicing it or merging it).

    You can also place the cloned piece in the cluster instead of the original piece.

The following image shows this feature in action.

Walk cloning


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