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Locking and Unlocking

Locking and Unlocking

While in walk mode, all pattern pieces are temporarily locked and not editable, except for the stationary piece you select (by default).

  • To make the walk piece editable, lock the stationary piece.

  • The walk piece rotates on the edge of the stationary piece in locked mode.

The Walk Tool Right-Click Options section contains a table with the right-click options for the points and pieces in the 2D window.

To lock or unlock a piece while in walk mode:

  1. In the 2D window, right-click on the piece.

The right-click context menu is displayed.

The following image shows a locked piece when you right-click on it. The available option is Lock.

Click to lock

  1. Click Lock or Unlock on the piece you want to lock or unlock.

The edges of a locked piece are gray, while the edges of an unlocked piece are blue

Only one piece can be unlocked at a time. Unlocking the walk piece locks the stationary piece, and vice versa. The right-click menu options for a stationary piece are lock and unlock. The right-click menu options for a walk piece are lock, unlock, or clone.
  1. Use the mouse to drag the pivot point on the stationary piece edges to “walk the piece”,

    You can move, rotate, and scale edges and points on the unlocked piece, as required.

  2. Exit the walk mode to unlock all automatically locked pieces.

    For further information on exiting the walk mode, refer to Exiting Walk Mode.

The following image shows this feature in action.



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