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Edit Style Information Fields

Edit Style Information Fields

The ​Style Information Fields​​ allow admins to customize the information fields (metadata) presented for styles across the site. You can add, edit, and delete style information fields and categories, and manage visibility options for each field.

By default, no style information categories and fields are defined. To get started, the site admins need to set these up based on brand requirements.

To add Style Information Categories and Fields:

  1. Under your Profile menu, select ​Edit Style Information Fields​ to view the ​Edit Style Information Fields​​ page.



  2. At the top right of the ​Edit Style Information Fields​ page, click the ​Add Category​​ button to add a new category.


  3. Click the ​​​sz-edit.PNG​​​ button to enter a name for the category.
  4. ​Click the ​Add Field​ button to add a field. The ​Add Field​​ dialog box appears.


  5. In the ​Field Name​​ space, enter a field name.
  6. From the ​Visibility ​​drop-down menu, select who will be able to see this field: ​Everyone ​​or ​Members ​​only.
  7. From the ​Type ​​drop-down menu, select the type of metadata this field will include:
    • Text ​​- Allows entering any value
    • Number​​ - Allows entering numerical values only
    • Date​​ - Allows selecting a specific date
    • Single Select​​ - Allows selecting a single item from the list
    • Multi Select​​ - Allows selecting multiple items from the list​​​
  8. Depending on the metadata you select, you may be prompted to define additional criteria. Enter the required data and click ​Add ​​to save.


To edit a style information field name:

  1. Hover over a style information field to view the Edit button.


  2. Click the sz-edit.PNG​​​​​​ ​Edit​ button to view the ​Add Field​​ dialog box. Edit the style information field as necessary and save your changes.

  3. For ​Visibility​​, you can select ​Everyone​ or ​Members ​​from the drop-down list.

Visibility options


To change the order of the style information fields inside the Style Information Fields list:

  1. On the left side of the style information field, press and hold Style field dots to drag.

  2. Drag the style information field to the new location.


To delete a Style Information Field:

You can delete a style information field from the Style Information Fields list.

  1. Hover over the style information field. The Delete button is displayed.


  2. Click Delete button. The Delete Field pop-up message is displayed.


    Once a field is deleted, all values entered on all styles for this field are lost.
  3. Click Continue. The Delete Field confirmation pop-up message is displayed.


  4. Enter the name of the style information field correctly in the Field Name space. The Delete button becomes active.

  5. Click Delete. The style information field is deleted and removed from the Style Information Fields list.


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