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Soft Avatars Overview

Soft avatars are high quality avatars that are designed to mimic the behavior and shape shifts of the human body in different garments to achieve realistic presentation of garments. Soft avatar behavior considers the amount of pressure a garment applies on a certain part of the body as well as the level of softness of that specific body part, and gravity effects, then the shape of the body of the soft avatar changes accordingly.

The following table shows the available soft avatars:




Young woman

Sofia soft avatar


Young woman

Olivia soft avatar



Young man

Oliver soft avatar



A new plus size avatar

Joseph soft avatar

Soft Avatars size chart


Simulation of Soft Avatars

When a soft avatar is in use, the Dress button includes a Soft Avatar Simulation option. The Soft Avatar Simulation option allows the soft avatar body to change form according to gravity force without necessarily dressing a garment.

Soft avatar simulation

During simulation a pillow icon appears on the Dress button to indicate simulation of a soft avatar.

Dress soft avatar button

Note that after an avatar body takes a new shape, whether dressed or not, it will keep the new shape while styling or applying changes to garments.

To load a non-deformed avatar, use the Prepare button or simply load a screenshot with a non-deformed avatar shape.

When simulation is done, a snapshot is generated.

Soft Snapshot

  • Soft avatar snapshots have a small pillow icon at the top of the thumbnail.

  • Soft avatar snapshots are named after the avatar and soft, for example Sofia_Soft.

  • When you load a soft avatar snapshot the Soft Avatar Simulation option in the Dress button is automatically enabled.

  • When you load a garment only soft avatar snapshot, the garment is loaded without an avatar but is loaded with its soft avatar deformations.

Editing a Soft Avatar's Body Softness

You can edit the avatar's body softness through the 3D Environment options from the Main menu, or by using right click.

To edit the body softness of the avatar:

  1. Right click on the avatar, then select Edit Avatar. The Edit Avatar options are displayed in the Context view.

    Or select 3D Environment in the Main menu, then Edit Avatar. The Edit Avatar options are displayed in the Context view.

  2. Select Body Softness. The body softness options are displayed.

    Edit avatar options

  3. Select the desired body softness level.

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Date Votes
  • Where do I find the soft body avatars?

  • These can be downloaded in Vstitcher using the following steps: 

    1. Open Vstitcher

    2. Main Menu

    3. Select File

    4.Select Import from Cloud

    5. Select Soft Avatars

    6. Select the soft avatar you would like to download. 


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