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User Access Denied Due to Lack of Available Seats

User Access Denied Due to Lack of Available Seats

Unavailable user seats

This message appears when a user launches the software while all consecutive license seats for this software are in use. For another user to access the software, one of the users taking a license seat will need to close their software window. This will release the seat back into the available seat pool and another user can access the software.

Note, a user who is logged in to and using VStitcher on two different computers at the same time, counts as using two seats. A user who is logged in to and using multiple instances of VStitcher on the same computer at the same time, counts as using one seat.

The cloud license moderator can verify the number of seats of the software available for the company. Using the analytics page on the cloud license, the cloud license moderator can view the real-time data of active users and the number of access denials that have occurred. For more information, refer to Using the Analytics Page.

If you have a group of users that need priority access to licenses, you can create a group of users and assign a set number of license seats to that group. If you need a contract split so that you can assign some of a contract’s seats to a group, contact .

For more information on license groups refer to Setting Up Your Organization.

If you are encountering users not closing the software to release the license seat, Browzwear can set an idle time out for your company’s license seats. This automatically releases a license seat back to the license pool after a set time of no actions occurring the software. When the user returns to their software, they will see a prompt to save their file if it was not already saved. Once they begin working in the software again, they will take a new license seat as long as one is available. If you are interested in setting up this option, contact

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