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Double Ended/Two Way Zipper

Double Ended/Two Way Zipper

Creating a double ended zipper can be achieved using one of the following methods:

Method One

Replace the stopper with a copy of the puller.

  1. Use “look inside” on the smart zipper icon dropdown and clone the stopper.

  2. Drag and drop the cloned stopper over the smart zipper icon.

  3. Choose to replace the stopper.

Method Two

Apply two smart zippers.

  1. Assign the smart zipper to the top section of the edge where the zipper would be placed.

  2. Assign a copy of the smart zipper to the bottom section.

  3. Select the bottom smart zipper and flip direction so that the puller is at the bottom.

  4. Open the 3D object editor.

  5. Flip direction so that the puller appears upside down in the 3D object editor.

  6. Stitch the bottom edges of the zipper tape together.

  7. Select the stoppers on both zippers and set them to be 100% transparent.

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