Service Level Agreement

This Browzwear Service Level Agreement (SLA) is only applicable to clients with paid-for subscriptions (“Client/s” or “you”).

This document identifies the maintenance and support services provided by or on behalf of Browzwear Solutions Pte. Ltd. with offices at 3 Harbourfront Place, #09-01 HarbourFront Tower 2, Singapore 099254, Republic of Singapore (“Browzwear”, “we” or “us”).

This document is subject to review and change at Browzwear’s discretion.

To support your use of our software and services we provide you with the following maintenance and support activities: 

  • Preventative. We provide preventative services and tools for Software such as, without limitation, the development, release and assistance in installation of Upgrades which are designed to prevent operational errors, bugs, viruses, and the like.
  • New Releases /Upgrades. We provide successive Upgrades of the software as they are released. These Upgrades include minor adaptations intended to improve the performance of the application as well as functionalities. The Upgrade program does not include any installation services.

“Upgrade” means bug fix, in addition to, or patch of the Software designed to modify it, or any new version, including new versions or releases that support hardware Upgrades, designed to replace it, which may alter its utility, efficiency, or quality of performance, but not its basic functions.

  • Email Support /Staffing. During the Coverage Hours, we staff an Email Support desk with competent technical personnel who are trained in and thoroughly familiar with the software and with the Client’s applicable configuration.

“Coverage Hours” means:

Asia Users
Monday – Friday 09:00-18:00 (Singapore) excluding Singapore public Holidays

Europe Users
Monday – Friday 09:00-18:00 (European Central Time) excluding Netherlands public Holidays

North America Users
Monday – Friday 09:00 (Eastern Standard Time) -18:00 (Pacific Standard Time) excluding U.S.A public Holidays


General Principles

The Browzwear Support Team works with Clients to identify, troubleshoot, and solve issues that may occur during the use and application of our software. While we sincerely hope your experience with our products remains issue-free, this document outlines our commitment to service in case a problem does arise.

Here are some general principles that guide our service:

  • Eligibility. This SLA only pertains to Browzwear Clients with a valid license or subscription agreement.
  • Contact Channels. Our Support Team can be reached via the Contact Support form on our help center ( or by direct email at After reviewing each case, we may reach out to schedule a web meeting to increase our understanding or facilitate the troubleshooting of a Client issue.
  • Issue Validity. For all cases, the issue must be reproducible by Browzwear before beginning to track resolution targets.
  • Cooperation. For all cases, Browzwear may require cooperation from the Client to gather information and documentation to assist us in resolving the issue.
  • Critical and Showstopper Issues. If the Client is unable to provide a resource to assist us throughout the target troubleshooting period, the Severity Level for the support issue will be downgraded.
  • Support does not replace Product Training. To find a suitable training program, please visit Browzwear University or contact your Browzwear account representative to schedule a training session.

Severity Levels and Response Times 

The Severity Level of each issue impacts our Support Team’s response time and communication with the User/Client, as well as our communication and actions taken internally to resolve the issue.  Our severity levels are defined based on impact on the Client’s business. Therefore, the more serious the business impact, the higher the assigned priority. 

Accurately prioritizing each technical issue is critical to our mutual success. The Client will determine the service request priority and, when a request is submitted as a high-priority issue (Critical or Showstopper), a designated contact will be available to work with the Browzwear Support Team during the issue resolution process. 

The below table defines the Severity Levels and outlines our target initial response times per Severity Level during the applicable Coverage Hours. 

We will provide commercial reasonable efforts to meet the below. 

Severity Level  Target First Response
Normal: Not significantly impacting standard operation, workaround available, small number of users impacted. 24 Hours
Critical: Major functionality is impacted, significant performance degradation, no available workaround, most users affected. 8 Hours
Showstopper: Issue affecting all users, System unavailability. 2 Hours

Termination upon Breach. Browzwear has the right to terminate this SLA with immediate effect without notice if the Client fails to adhere to the applicable Subscription Agreement, EULA, or any other applicable agreement.

Revisions to Policy. Browzwear may revise this SLA from time to time. However, if the Company chooses to revise the policy, the revision will not materially alter the level of support You are entitled to receive during the then-current Service Level Agreement term.

The Company reserves the right to discontinue support for its software at the end of any SLA term, or immediately if You fail to make timely payment/s. 

General. All provisions of this SLA shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore.



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