Sharing Styles from a Collection ​

Sharing Styles from a Collection

You can share styles from a Collection in the same way you share styles from a Style page.

​To share styles from a Collection:

  1. ​Go to the ​Collection ​​that includes the styles you want to share.
  2. ​At the top right of the page, click ​​​share-icon.png​​​.
  3. ​Select the check box next to the styles you want to share. Note that, depending on your role, some styles will not be available for selection.


​The number of selected styles appears next to the ​Share ​​link.


4. ​Click ​Share​​. The ​Share multiple styles​​ dialog box is displayed.

5. ​Type the name of the board to which you would like to share the selected collection(s). Select the board and then type another board name if necessary. After selecting all the boards, click ​Share​​.



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