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Calibrating the FAB

Calibrating the FAB

There are the following types of calibration for the FAB machine:

  • Weight calibration. Ensures proper standardization of weight measurement between machines. For better accuracy, it is recommended to perform weight calibration approximately every month.

  • Zero point calibration. Resets measurements to zero. For better accuracy, zero point calibration is required before testing every sample.

Calibration is done as part of the process of adding a new fabric to DB Admin. The following image displays the screen ready to start calibration.

DB Admin start

Weight Calibration

  • Supported by DB Admin 1.6 and newer

  • Disabled if weight calibration has been completed on the machine within the previous month


  1. Remove any sample from the machine and close the clamps. Then click Start. Calibration begins.

  2. Stand the machine on its short side with the fixed clamp nearest the ground. Then click Next.

  3. Put the 100gm weight on the fixed clamp. Then click Start.

    The following image shows a side view of how to position the machine and the weight.

    Side view of weight calibration

  4. Remove the weight from the clamp and put the machine back to its original position. Then press Next.

    Calibration is complete when a blue tick appears on the screen.

    Continue with Zero Point Calibration.

Zero Point Calibration

For better accuracy, perform calibration before testing every sample.

To perform this calibration:

  1. Remove any sample fabric from the machine.

  2. Ensure the clamps are either fully open or fully closed. There is no need to tighten the knobs.

  3. Click Start. Calibration begins.

  4. Calibration is complete when a blue tick appears on the screen.

  5. Click Next to continue.

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