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Using 3D Objects

Using 3D Objects

This topic includes additional information about using 3D objects.

3D Objects and the 2D Window

If you assign a 3D object to a garment piece, it displays in the 2D window in a bounding box, similar to the bounding box that displays with assigned artwork. In addition, the object connectors are displayed.

The bounding box is useful for alignment of elements.

You can use the 2D window to move a 3D object assigned to a garment piece.

​Version 2023.2 and newer​
Under the​ Piece tab in theDraping Properties​ section, the Collide with Garment​ box is added and is checked by default to secure the 3D object on the garment piece. Uncheck the ​Collide with Garment box to disable collision and separate the ​3D object​​ from the piece it is assigned to.
The following images show the different behavior of the 3D object with the piece when Collide with Garment​​ is enabled/disabled.
Behavior when Collide with Garment​ box is checked:
Behavior when Collide with Garment box​​ is unchecked:


3D Objects and Simulation

You can use the 3D window to move a 3D object assigned to a garment piece.

Every change to a 3D object assigned to a garment piece means you need to run a fresh simulation to see the effects of the change.

If a 3D object displays fuzzy or blurred in the 3D window, on the Main toolbar, click Finish.

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