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DB Admin Database and Application Databases

The following brief background material may help you in understanding the database material library setup.

  • DB Admin uses an SDF file to store all fabric data, and processes that file in the background to present information to the user.

  • VStitcher's and Lotta's physics dialog box (on a PC) use a VSDB file in the background to process and present information to the user.

Each database has a unique ID. Each company has its own database, and therefore, its own unique database ID. When fabric is tested using the fabric analyzer and DB Admin, these two file types must be synchronized for the newly tested fabric to display in the VStitcher or Lotta physics dialog box. Synchronization occurs when a garment of the specific database ID is opened in VStitcher or Lotta.


DB Admin should not be open at the same time as VStitcher or Lotta.


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