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Editing the Connectors

Editing the Connectors

You can edit the connectors of a 3D object in VStitcher and Lotta.

To edit the connectors:

  1. If the Materials tab is not already open, on the Resources tabs, click Materials.

    • Lotta


    • VStitcher


  2. Click the 3D object. Details of the object are displayed in the Context view.

    Context view

  3. In the Context view, click the image that is displayed in the 3D Trim section.

    Click the image

    The 3D Object Editor is displayed.

    3D Object Editor

    Click Click to expand to expand the editor.

    Click to expand

    The connectors display as a white circle. If you cannot see them on the editor, press Alt and drag to change the view of the object.

  4. In the 3D Object Editor, click Connectors.

  5. To delete a connector, click the X that is displayed to the right of its XYZ position.

    Click the X

  6. To add a connector:

    1. Click Point.

    2. Click on the object where you want the connector to be.

  7. Close the 3D Object Editor.

  8. If you remove or edit connectors for an object that has already been assigned, it is recommended to assign the object again.

Any connectors placed inside the 3D object, whether created in external software or otherwise, cut through the object in simulation.

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