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Tech Pack Editor

Tech Pack Editor

Tech Pack Editor is an application that allows anyone to edit tech packs generated by Lotta or VStitcher.

  • Tech Pack Editor is bundled with Lotta and VStitcher, usable within either application.

  • Tech Pack Editor is also available as a separate, standalone application which can be used without a license dongle.

  • For information about creating a tech pack, refer to:

To use Tech Pack Editor:

  1. If using VStitcher or Lotta, on the Main menu, click File, then Edit Tech Pack.

  2. If not using VStitcher or Lotta, open Tech Pack Editor.

    Tech pack editor

  3. In Tech Pack Editor, on the Menu bar, click Settings to change the language.

    Changing the language settings requires a restart of the application.
  4. If using Tech Pack Editor 8.0 or newer, on the Menu bar, click Template, then Default or Large Thumbnails to select the appropriate template used by the tech pack you want to view.

  5. In Tech Pack Editor, on the Menu bar, click Open. A file explorer window is displayed.

  6. Navigate to the folder containing the tech pack, and select it. Then click Select Folder. The tech pack is loaded into the application.

    Tech pack loaded

  7. Click the appropriate link to edit part of the tech pack.

    • Edit - A dialog box is displayed.

    • Edit Header - A dialog box is displayed.

    • Delete - The section is deleted.

    • Add - If adding a section or row, a dialog box is displayed.

    • Add row - A dialog box is displayed.

    • Add Marker - Adds a copy of the marker.

    • Get Original File - Displays the file in an associated program. (For example, Paint.)You cannot edit the file.

    For example, to edit a header, click Edit Header. A dialog box displaying the editable parts of the header is displayed.

    Editing the header

  8. Make the required changes, and click Save in the dialog box.

  9. On the Main menu, click Save to save your changes. The updated tech pack is saved.

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