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Adding Binding Finishing on Edges

Adding Binding Finishing on Edges

This video was recorded using version 2021.2.

Adding binding finishing on edges can be achieved using one of the following methods:

  • Method One

    Assign the binding image as an edge assignable trim.

    1. Use an image of the binding that is seamless and can be tiled.

    2. Add the image as an edge assignable trim.

    3. To adjust the width of the binding, adjust the height of the image in the image editor.

    4. To ensure the binding is wrapping around the edge, adjust the 3D Thickness to 0.01-0.03.

    5. Apply shrinkage and force multiplier as needed. This does not affect the simulation of the edges.

  • Method Two

    Create a binding pattern piece and sew it to the garment.

    1. Create net binding patterns using the Insert tool to insert rectangles.

    2. Ensure that the grain line of the patterns is correct. This affects the way the binding image shows on the patterns.

    3. For easier stitching, add corner points or notches on the binding patterns.

    4. Apply the required fabric on the binding patterns.

    5. Add Shrink and Force Multiplier as needed.

    6. Add the binding image as a fabric, and group it with the fabric assigned to the binding patterns.

    7. Adjust the Rotation and Width of the binding image in the image editor to match the binding pattern measurements.

    8. Use the Texture tool to adjust the position of the binding image on the patterns.

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