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Workspace Toolbar Overview

Workspace Toolbar Overview

Workspace toolbar

The Workspace toolbar features are described in the following table.




Link and unlink

Click to link or unlink the 3D Review windows .

  • When disabled unlink, navigation only influences the active window.

  • When enabled link-navigation, navigation done in the active window is applied to all windows.

Note that this is only true for navigation, any other action taken must be applied separately in each window.


Use this feature to change the Review windows layout. Navigate between the Maximized and Fixed mode of the workspace layout as required.

Note: Maximized mode is applied by default.

For more information, refer to 3D Review Windows

Visible 3D windows

Note: Only displays when Maximized mode is enabled

Set the number of visible 3D windows.

The default number of visible windows in the 3D Review display area is three. If the number of existing windows is different from the number of visible windows, a scroll bar is displayed to navigate between the 3D windows.

Click to display a menu

Click the drop-down to display the available 3D window layout orientation options.

Layout orientation options

  • Horizontal: The 3D windows are displayed side by side horizontally.

  • Vertical: The 3D windows are displayed one on top of the other.

  • Wrap: The windows that exist but are not visible are wrapped and added in a new row. The number of windows visible in a row is automatically updated according to the number of existing windows.

Review window size

Note: Only displays when Fixed mode is enabled

Set the sizes of the Review windows.

  • Minimum: 10px

  • Maximum: 7680px

  • Toggle link-icon to link and unlink the Width and Height. When linked linked, a change to either Width or Height automatically triggers a proportionate change in the other setting.


Click to undock the Review windows and the Workspace toolbar, and display them as a separate screen.

To return to the original state, click Dock at the top right of the separate screen.

Tension map

Click to display Tension maps for all Review windows. For more information, refer to Tension map.

Pressure map

Click to display the Pressure maps for all Review windows. For more information, refer to Pressure map.

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