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DB Admin Sync Issues

DB Admin Sync Issues

If you are having issues synchronizing DB Admin with Lotta or VStitcher, try the following.

Refresh Database

To refresh the database:

  1. Ensure DB Admin is closed.

  2. In VStitcher or Lotta, on the Resources tabs, click Materials.

  3. On the Materials tab, click a fabric.

  4. In the Context view, click Physics. The Physics dialog box is displayed.

  5. At the top right of the dialog box, click Search for fabric. The Physics dialog box display is amended to include a refresh icon.


  6. Click Refresh. The physics database should now be synced.

  7. Click OK, then OK to exit the dialog box.

If correct fabric data does not display, ensure that DB Admin is closed. If it was not closed, close DB Admin, then close and reopen whichever of VStitcher or Lotta you are using. If DB Admin was closed, try importing the database again.

Import Database

Sync issues may be resolved by importing the database again.

  • If using 2019 August Edition or newer, import a BWDB file with the appropriate database. For more information, refer to Importing and Exporting a BWDB File.

  • If using 2019 April Edition or older, import a VSP file that was saved as Packed Garment + DB (*.vsp) with the appropriate database. For more information, refer to Importing a VSP File.

After importing the file, if you still have sync issues, try refreshing the database.

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