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Creating an Outfit

In VStitcher, an outfit is a combination of previously created garments that you can show on the same avatar. For example, you might want to show a pair of trousers together with a shirt, or a skirt together with a blouse.

You cannot use Lotta drawings in an outfit.

To create an outfit:

  1. On the Main menu, click File, then New Outfit. The Outfit Info dialog box is displayed.

    Outfit Info dialog box

  2. In Outfit Name, type a name for your outfit.

  3. Click Add to add a garment to the outfit. A file explorer window is displayed.

  4. Navigate to where the BW or VSGX file for the garment you want to add to the outfit is located.

  5. Select the file.

  6. Click Open. The garment is added to the outfit.

  7. Select the colorway and size.

  8. Repeat steps 3-7 to add another garment.

  9. Select a garment, and click Remove to remove it from the outfit.

  10. When you have all the garments you want in your outfit, click OK. The garments are loaded into VStitcher.

  11. To save the outfit as a garment, on the Main menu, click File, then Save Outfit as Garment.

Viewing the Outfit Info Dialog Box

To view the Outfit Info dialog box, on the Main menu, click Garment, then Outfit Map. The dialog box is displayed. You can then add garments to, or remove garments from the outfit.

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