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Clicking any point on the edge of a pattern piece, except for a point with a Curve Type of Sharp, displays handles. You can use these handles to change the edges connected to the point by dragging the handles. The same applies to a point added to an internal line.

To use the handle, click and drag the point at the end of the handle.

Point and handles

  1. Point

  2. Handle

  3. Point at the end of a handle

The following image shows a point with a Curve Type of Sharp which is changed to Curved. Handles are displayed and then used to change the connected edges.

Handles in action

You can delete a handle by double-clicking the point at the end of the handle. You can also activate or deactivate handles in the Context view.

For more information on points and handles, refer to Points and Point Actions.

Handle Enhancements

VStitcher 2021.2 and newer

Previously, when changing a corner point on a square pattern piece from Sharp to Curved, the handles were not equal in length. With effect from this version, the handles are automatically set to 1/3rd of the connected edge. Therefore, for a corner point on a square pattern piece they are equal in length.


Previously, when changing a point from Sharp or Curved to Smooth, two handles were created but the movement was only on one side. With effect from this version, two handles are created at 180 degrees from one another, allowing movement on either side.

Handles in action

If you have two handles which are of different length, you are now able to make them equal in length.

To make the handles equal in length:

  1. In the 2D window, click the point on the handle whose length you want to have as the length of the other handle.

  2. Hold down Alt (Mac: Option) while dragging the point on the handle. The handles are now the same length.

Handles in action

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