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Creating 2.5D Trim

Creating 2.5D Trim

Before starting the following procedure, search for the fabric Physics Data that was created in DB Admin using the FAB.

To create 2.5D trim in VStitcher:

  1. On the Main Toolbar, click Insert.

  2. Click Click the drop-down, then click either Rectangle or Ellipse, and create a new piece which is the size and shape of the desired trim, keeping it separate from all other pieces.

    You can adjust the dimensions precisely by clicking the piece, going to the Context view, and editing the displayed properties.
  3. In the 2D window, right-click the piece, then click Remove Fabric. This garment is undressed in the 3D window.

    Remove Fabric

  4. If the Materials tab is not already open, on the Resources tabs, click Materials.


  5. On the Materials tab, go to the Artwork section.

    Artwork section

  6. In the Artwork section, click Click the menu. A menu is displayed.

    Menu is displayed

  7. Click Add Artwork. A file explorer window is displayed.

  8. Navigate to the location of the artwork file.

    • You can add artwork from an existing garment, by selecting the relevant VSGX file. You can alternatively add artwork by selecting the artwork file.

    • The artwork must have a solid fill around the edge. You cannot use artwork without a solid fill to successfully create 2.5D trim. The following image is an example of suitable artwork.

      2.5D trim

  9. Select the file, and click Open.

    1. If you selected a VSGX file, a dialog box is displayed with the available materials.

      1. Select the artwork.

      2. Click OK. The artwork is added to the Artwork section.

    2. If you selected an artwork file, the artwork is added to the Artwork section.

  10. Assign the artwork to the piece. (Either drag it from the Resources tabs, or use the Assign tool.)

  11. Drag the 2.5D trim piece (the piece with the newly added artwork) to the interior of a piece, where you want it applied. Dimension handles appear to show it has become an interior element. It is now 2.5D trim.

  12. On the Resources tabs, in the Materials section, click the artwork of the 2.5D trim.

  13. Go to the Context view, and click Physics.

    • Physics dialog box

      Physics dialog box

  14. If not already enabled, select Enable Physical Properties.

    Enable Physical Properties is selected

  15. Click Search. The Physical Properties Search is displayed. It appears similar to the dialog box, but there are drop-down menus at the top, and the number boxes are grayed out.

    Physical Properties search

  16. In the left drop-down menu, select Browzwear.

  17. In the center drop-down menu, select Misc.

  18. In the right drop-down menu, select Hardware.

  19. Click OK. The physics values are imported into the dialog box where you can edit them.

  20. To add thickness, enter in the trim thickness in mm in the text box.

  21. Click OK to apply physics.

  22. After applying your adjustments, on the Main toolbar, click Dress.

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