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Editing Material Maps

Editing Material Maps

To edit material maps in VStitcher:

  1. If the Materials tab is not already open, on the Resources tabs, click Materials.


  2. On the Materials tab, go to the Fabrics section.

  3. In the Fabrics section, click the fabric.

  4. Go to the Context view. Edit as required.

    Two sides - Face and Back - are displayed. The selected side is highlighted in blue. By default, Face is selected. Click the Back thumbnail to select the back of the material map.

    Texture faces

  5. Click Face to Back to copy the Face material map to the Back.

  6. Click Back to Face to copy the Back material map to the Face.

  7. Click the texture thumbnail for whichever of the maps you want to edit - diffuse, specular, or normal. The image editor is displayed.

    Image editor

    You can scale, crop or rotate the image.

    To expand the editor, click Expand. To collapse the editor, click X.

  8. To edit the material map in external software, click Edit. Make any changes you want and save the material map. You must use the same name and file type, overwriting the previous version in the VSGX file.

    Texture faces

    On returning to VStitcher, a message is displayed confirming changes have been made to the material map file.

    Texture faces

  9. Click Replace to replace the material map. A file explorer window is displayed. Navigate to the location of the new diffuse map file, select it, and click OK.

  10. Put the cursor in the preview window and scroll to zoom in and out on the material map. Click Show All to revert back to the original zoom distance.

  11. Click Rotate and type in the desired value to rotate the material map.


  12. Alternatively, select one of the corner brackets Sizing bracketand drag to turn the map. Press Shift while dragging to snap between 45 degree increments.

  13. Click Crop and type in the desired values to crop the material map.


  14. Alternatively, drag the bounding box within the preview window to re-size.

    Drag the bounding box

  15. Click Click More and select Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical to flip the material map.

    Flip the map


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