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Preparing the Garment on the Avatar

Preparing the Garment on the Avatar

Preparing the garment on the avatar is the last step before dressing the avatar, and is also referred to as prepare mode. In this mode, you can see how the pieces are aligned on the avatar, and how the stitching appears.

Prerequisite: Before preparing the garment, you must have completed arrangement of the pieces. For more information, refer to How to Arrange Pieces.

To prepare the garment on the avatar:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Prepare.


    The garment and stitching are displayed in outline in the 3D window on the avatar.

    Garment and stitching

  2. If you are not already familiar with the 3D navigation tools, refer to Navigating and Working in the 3D Window.

  3. If the pieces appear well aligned, and the stitching is accurate, you are finished preparing the garment on the avatar.

  4. If otherwise, make the appropriate adjustments.

    When you click on a piece, the gizmo appears. Use the gizmo to adjust the pieces as may be necessary. For more information, refer to 3D Gizmo.


    For example:

    • If a piece is too low, pull it up.

    • If a piece is too high, pull it down.

    • If a collar is not sitting correctly, adjust it left or right as appropriate.

    • If stitching is twisted, either turn the piece to untwist the stitching, or delete the stitch and do the stitch again. You can stitch in the 3D window.

    The following image shows the adjustment of pieces using the gizmo.

    Adjusting the pieces

In prepare mode, each piece displays with a grid overlay. For more information, refer to Understanding the Grid.

Once you are satisfied with the prepare mode appearance, you can dress the avatar. Refer to Dressing the Avatar.

Arrange Mode and Prepare Mode

You can view arrange mode and prepare mode together: on the Main Toolbar, click Arrange, then Prepare.

Clusters and Prepare Mode

As well as adjusting clusters by using the 3D gizmo, you can make precise adjustments using the 3D Transformations section in the Context view.

To adjust clusters in prepare mode:

  1. On the Main Toolbar, click Prepare.

  2. In the 3D window, click the part of the garment you want to adjust.

  3. Go to the Context view, in the 3D Transformations section.

    • Move Edit to move the cluster in the X (horizontal), Y (vertical), or Z axis.

    • Rotate Edit to rotate the cluster about the X (horizontal), Y (vertical), or Z axis.

    • Size Edit to scale the cluster in the X (horizontal), Y (vertical), or Z axis.

      For example, if a sleeve cluster is colliding with a cuff cluster, you might use scale to separate the clusters. This has no effect on the size of the pieces.

    • Click Reset to reset the adjustment.

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