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Adding a Fold to an Edge

Adding a Fold to an Edge

To replicate the edge of a garment being folded over one or more times, you can add a fold to the edge of a piece using the force multiplier for edges feature.

The force multiplier properties of an edge are:

  • Amount - number of real-life folded layers of the fabric

  • Depth - depth of the fold

For example, if your real-life garment requires the fabric be folded 4 times, to a depth of 1 cm, to achieve the desired strength:

  1. Set Amount to 4.

  2. Set Depth to 1.

To use force multiplier:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Select.

    Note: On the Horizontal contextual menu, ensure Pieces is selected.

    Pieces selected

  2. In the 2D window, select the edge you want to fold.

  3. In the Context view, in the Edge Properties section, select Force Multiplier. The force multiplier properties are displayed.

    Force multiplier
  4. Type the values you want for Amount and Depth.

    Force multiplier example

If you apply shrink and force multiplier to the same edge, they conflict with each other and may cancel each other out.

Video available For a quick view of the feature in action, check out the video: Force Multiplier


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