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Creating a Point

Creating a Point

To create a point:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Insert.

  2. On the Horizontal contextual menu, click Click the drop-down, then click Point.

  3. In the 2D window, click where you want the point to be.

    • Lines indicating the distance in X and Y directions from the pattern edge display, except when placing on an edge or internal line.

    • To place a point in the same place as an internal line, but separate from the line, place it away from the internal line, then move it to its final location using the Select tool.

    The following image shows a point being added to a pattern piece.

    Inserting a point

    The following image shows points being added to an internal line, and to the edge of a pattern piece.

    Inserting a point

Alternatively, you can create a point using one of the following techniques.


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