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3D Gizmo

3D Gizmo

You can use the 3D gizmo in the 3D window. For example:

  • In Preparemode to move pieces.

Using the Gizmo in Prepare Mode

With the gizmo enabled, click a piece. The gizmo is displayed.

3D gizmo

The gizmo has the following:

  • Red arrow for movement in the X axis (left and right)

  • Red curved line for rotation around the X axis

  • Red square for resizing

  • Green arrow for movement in the Y axis (up and down)

  • Green curved line for rotation around the Y axis

  • Green square for resizing

  • Blue line for movement in the Z axis (in and out)

  • Blue circle for rotation around the Z axis

To move the piece in the desired direction, drag the arrow or line. When you drag an arrow or line, it is displayed in yellow. For example, to move the piece right, drag the red arrow right. And to move the piece down, drag the green arrow down.

To resize a piece, drag the appropriate square in the direction you want to resize the piece.

Resizing in Prepare mode does not affect the actual size of the piece. It does affect the size of the piece as it displays in Prepare mode. This can be helpful if, for example, you have a sleeve piece and a cuff piece, and the sleeve is obscuring the cuff. You want to check the cuff is in the right position. To do this, you can resize the sleeve to make the cuff visible to you.

The following image shows the 3D gizmo in action.

3D gizmo in action

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