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Zipper Actions Section

If you select the zipper in the 2D or 3D window, the Context view displays the following Actions section.

Zipper Actions



Displays in a square information about the edges the zipper is connected to. If the zipper is connected to one edge, only that edge is displayed.

Hover over a square and a “-” icon is displayed. Click the “-” icon to disconnect the zipper from that edge. Do one of the following:

  • In the 2D window, click on the edge you want the zipper to be connected to.

  • Press Esc to connect the zipper to only one edge.


Zipper Width - Type in the desired width.


Change how much the zipper is zipped by either dragging the zipper image, or typing the percentage in Zipped.


  • Click Direction to flip the up and down direction of the zipper.

  • Click Position to flip the side on which the puller and stopper are located.


  • Click Inside to move the zipper to the inside of the garment.

  • If the zipper is inside, click Outside to move it to the outside of the garment.

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