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Walk Tool Overview

Walk Tool Overview

VStitcher 2021.1 and newer

The new walk tool helps you design pattern pieces properly so you can sew a garment with a minimum of mistakes. This tool automates the manual process of inspecting and adjusting pattern pieces on paper.

Walk Mode

When you use the walk tool, you enter a mode called walk mode, in which you can walk the pattern pieces. You must exit the walk mode in order to gain access to the full VStitcher functionality. For further information on exiting the walk mode, refer to Exiting Walk Mode.

Walk Tool Features

Walk tool features include the following:

  • You can use the walk tool to preview how a single piece (the walk piece) aligns with other pieces (the stationary pieces).

  • You can use the walk tool on piece edges, whether they are stitched or not.

  • You can slide a movable pivot point on two edges of different pieces simultaneously.

  • You can adjust a pattern piece from its edit points.

  • When you rotate a piece, it rotates with the grain line, just as it does when you manually walk a piece.,

  • If you edit a piece during the walk, for example, by adding notch points or adjusting curves, these modifications are retained when you revert back to the original piece.

  • All walk-related functions are available in a dedicated right-click menu.

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