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Smart Zippers Overview

Smart Zippers Overview

You can add zippers in VStitcher as a single smart object consisting of a number of default parts, giving you greater flexibility and ease of use in adding zippers to your garments.

Zipper Modes

VStitcher and Lotta support the following zipper modes:

  • One line zipper - both sides of the zipper are assigned to one edge or internal line

  • Two line zipper - each side of the zipper is assigned to a separate edge or internal line

The following image shows the zipper types on a garment.

Zipper types on a garment

The one line zipper mode is the default that is applied when adding a zipper. This zipper needs only one line or edge. It remains closed and uses the closed teeth building block. You can convert a one line zipper to a two line zipper by selecting another line or edge.

The two line zipper can be zipped and unzipped. You can convert a two line zipper to a one line zipper by disconnecting the second line or edge.

Zipper Parts

Each zipper includes the parts described in the following table.

Name Description


The part of the zipper that pulls the teeth open or closed. A 3D object.

Pull Cord

If used, is connected to the puller. A 3D object.

Note: The default zipper does not include a pull cord, but you can easily add your own.

Teeth - Closed

The zipper when closed. A seam material.

Teeth - Open

The zipper when open. A seam material.


Situated at the bottom of the zipper. A 3D object.


The base or foundation for the zipper. A fabric.

The following image shows the zipper parts.

Zipper parts

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