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Tutorial 2 - Removing Seam Allowances From a DXF File

Tutorial 2 - Removing Seam Allowances From a DXF File

The best way to learn any software is to use it. This tutorial shows you how to remove the seam allowance from a DXF file.

Typically, when you import a DXF file into VStitcher, the pattern pieces include a physical seam allowance. Because you stitch in VStitcher from edge to edge, you need to remove the seam allowance before working on the file.

Although you remove the display of the seam allowance on the pattern pieces, as is shown in the tutorial, the seam allowance is retained in digital format and included when you print to file or create a tech pack.
To avoid having to go through the removal process in VStitcher, you can remove the seam allowance when exporting the DXF file.

The tutorial includes the following:

  1. Starting the Tutorial

  2. Importing the DXF File

  3. Rearranging the Pattern Pieces

  4. Removing Seam Allowances - An Outline

    1. Dealing With the Collar

    2. Dealing With the Sleeves

    3. Dealing With the Front and Back Pieces

  5. Saving the File

Continue Once you are ready, go to Starting the Tutorial.


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