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Removing Seam Allowances - An Outline

The physical seam allowance in a pattern piece in an imported DXF file is shown by an internal line. To remove this seam allowance, we do the following:

  1. Select an edge.

  2. Apply a negative seam allowance - equal to the amount of the existing seam allowance material.

  3. Delete the internal line.

For example, if there’s 1cm seam allowance on an edge, we apply a seam allowance of -1cm.

We are going to apply this technique to our pattern pieces, starting with the collar, then the sleeves, and then the front and back pieces.

In the tutorial, the seam allowances are known. If you receive a DXF file and do not know the seam allowances, you can use the 2D measuring tape feature to measure the seam allowances. For more information, refer to 2D Measuring.

Continue Once you are ready, continue with Dealing With the Collar.


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