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Arranging the Pieces on the Avatar

Arranging the Pieces on the Avatar

The next part of 3D simulation with a new garment is arranging the layout of the pieces on the avatar. This is how you tell VStitcher where the various pieces belong.

Arranging the pieces is also referred to as arrange mode.

To arrange the layout:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Arrange.

    Click Arrange

    The Arrange window is displayed with the following avatar perspectives:

    • Right (R)

    • Front (F)

    • Left (L)

    • Back (B)

    Arrange window

  2. If pieces are displayed upside down, or at an angle, correct this using the gizmo. If you want a refresher, refer to Enabling the Gizmo and Using the Gizmo.

  3. Drag the front piece (numbered 0) to the Torso of the F view.

    As you drag pieces over the views, names of the areas are displayed. For example: Torso and Right Arm. This helps ensure proper arrangement of the pieces.
  4. Drag the back piece (numbered 1) to the Torso of the B view.

  5. Drag the collar (numbered 2) to the Neck of the F view.

  6. Drag the right sleeve (numbered 3) to the Right Arm of the F view. The left sleeve is automatically arranged on the left arm.

  7. Save the file: on the Main toolbar, click Save.

Continue Once you have arranged the pieces on the avatar, continue with Preparing the Garment on the Avatar.

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