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Rearranging the Pattern Pieces

Rearranging the Pattern Pieces

Before dealing with the seam allowances, we’re going to rearrange the pattern pieces in the 2D window to make it easier to see what’s going on.

Before moving any of the pieces using the select tool, on the Horizontal contextual menu, ensure Internal is selected (enabled). This makes it easier to ensure you click and drag each pattern piece and not an internal line.

  • Internal selected: Internal is enabled

  • Internal cleared: Internal is disabled

Ensure Internal is disabled

The following image shows one way of rearranging the pieces. You should arrange the pattern pieces in the way that best suits you.

Rearranging the pattern pieces

By clearing Internal, the seam allowance internal lines are temporarily not displayed. You can see them again by selecting Internal.

Continue Once you have rearranged the pattern pieces, continue with Removing Seam Allowances - An Outline.


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