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Defining a Grouping of Sizes

Defining a Grouping of Sizes

When the Design in Sizes pane is displayed, you can define a grouping of sizes by a combination of:

Splitting a Group of Sizes

By default, if no groupings have been defined for the current garment, the initial view displays all sizes in one group.

To split the sizes into two groups:

  1. In the Design in Sizes pane, hover over the horizontal line above the sizes, where you want to divide the group. A scissors icon is displayed on the line.

    Scissors icon displayed on the line

  2. Click scissors-icon.png. The sizes are divided where you clicked.

    Sizes are divided

Tip: You can split each size into its own group.

To split each size into a group:

  1. Above the display of sizes, next to the Search box, click dis-drpdown.png

    Click the drop-down

  2. Select Divide Every Size.

Adding a Size to a Group

Once you have created groups, you can add a size to one group.

To add a size to a group:

  1. Decide if you are adding sizes to the right or the left of the group.

  2. In the Design in Sizes pane, hover over the vertical handle at the end of the group. A hand icon is displayed.

  3. Drag the handle to include the size you want to add to the group. The new size is added to the group.

    Adding a size to a group

You can also split a group by dragging the handle.

Merging Groups of Sizes

Once you have created groups, you can merge two groups of sizes.

To merge two groups of sizes:

  1. In the Design in Sizes pane, hover over the small gray circle on the vertical line between the groups.

    Hover over the small grey circle

  2. Either play-icon.png or play-left.png is displayed, depending on the merge direction.

    A left or right arrow icon is displayed

  3. Click whichever of play-icon.png or play-left.png is displayed. The groups are merged.

    Click the arrow icon

You can put all sizes into one group.

To put all sizes into one group:

  1. In the Design in Sizes pane, next to the Search box, click Drop-down.

  2. Select Full Range.

​2023.2 and newer​
You can make the artwork position per size or a group of sizes automatic, or manual.
Toggle the Automatic Position by Grade​ check box to control the artwork positioning per size.
When the checkbox is toggled on​, all the artwork positioning is maintained. To apply changes to the artwork position you will need to use the ​Selection tool​ or the ​Texture tool​ to move the artworks, or change the values manually in the ​Context view​​.
When the check box is toggled off​​position-pergrade-off.png​​​, the positioning of all of the artworks on all garment sizes is in its automatic state. You can move the artworks position from the selected size (not base size), based on its grade rules.

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