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Graphics Card Drivers and Settings

Graphics Card Drivers and Settings

We recommend updating your graphic card driver with the latest version. Refer to your company's IT to apply this update. For PC users with an Nvidia card, we recommend checking if your computer has two graphics cards. If so, we recommend selecting the preferred graphics processor for the program.

To update the graphics card driver:

  1. Right click on the desktop, then select Nvidia Control Panel.

  2. Under 3D Settings, select Mange 3D Settings.

    Manage 3D settings

  3. Under “I would like to use the following 3D settings”, select the Program Settings tab .

    Manage 3D settings

  4. Next to “select a program to customize”, Select Add.

  5. Under “select the preferred graphics processor for the program”, select high-performance NVIDIA processor.

  6. A pop-up window is displayed. Select the version of VStitcher or Lotta currently used.

    Add selected program

  7. Select Add Selected Program.

  8. Click Apply.

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