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Using Alvanon Avatars

Using Alvanon Avatars

A digital version of an Alvanon avatar can be used in VStitcher or Lotta. You can find more information on how to access a digital version of a physical Alvanon form at

When purchasing an Alvanon form for use in VStitcher or Lotta, your software ID will be requested. For Browzwear, this is referred to as a Database ID. This is the ID number associated with your company’s Browzwear Cloud License account. When you purchase a form, this gives any user on the account the ability to use that form in VStitcher or Lotta.

To find the Database ID:

  1. In VStitcher or Lotta, in the Main menu, click Help.

  2. Click License info.

  3. A pop-up window appears.

  4. Next to Database ID note the number displayed.

To use the form in VStitcher or Lotta, be sure you have downloaded the Alvanon Permission file. This file is unique to your Database ID and includes the expiry date for the form subscription. Additionally, be sure that you are accessing VStitcher or Lotta using the same company Browzwear Cloud License Account with which you purchased the form.

When you have the permission file, download it to your computer and note the location.

Then follow these steps:

  1. In VStitcher or Lotta, in the Main menu, click Edit, then Preferences (Windows). Click VStitcher/Lotta then Preferences (Mac).

    The Preferences dialog box is displayed

  2. Click Resources.

  3. In Add Permission File, click Browse, then navigate to the folder with the permission file.

  4. Click Open.

Alternatively, in Permissions folder, click Browse, then navigate to the folder, and click Select Folder.

When you update your preferences by clicking OK, the path to the permissions folder is automatically updated.

  1. Download the form from

  2. Download the Alvanon Permission File.

  3. The download will be a zip file. Unzip the file.

  4. The form will be in AVA format. Import the AVA file into VStitcher.

Ensure that you import the AVA file downloaded from

To import the Alvanon form, refer to How to Import and Export Avatars.

If you receive the following message

Alvanon permission file error message

This means one of the following:

  1. The APF does not match your Database ID.

    If you are logged into VStitcher or lotta using a different company’s Browzwear Cloud License Account than the account associated with the APF file, this message will appear. To resolve this, be sure that you are accessing VStitcher or Lotta using the same company Browzwear Cloud License Account with which APF file is associated.

  2. The AVA form you have imported is not available with your Alvanon Body Platform Subscription.

    To resolve this, login to and check that the form is available through your subscription. If it is, then check that your APF file is not expired.

  3. The APF you are using is expired.

    To resolve this, login to and download a new APF and add it to VStitcher or Lotta.

If you no longer see any avatars in your 3D avatar tab, refer to Restore Default Avatar Location in Resources Tab .

If you require further assistance from Alvanon, you may also reach out to

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