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Using the Bag Avatar

Using the Bag Avatar

Arranging the Patterns

When arranging patterns on the Bag avatar, it is important to note that the arrange mode is not customized for the Bag avatar. This means that the arrange mode will continue to show the standard right, front, left and back avatar perspectives while the Bag avatar is loaded in the 3D window.

Bag pieces

For more information on using the arrange mode, refer to How to Arrange Pieces.

Choosing the Cluster

There are multiple methods for arranging patterns on the Bag avatar.

The most common method is to equate front, sides and back of the bag to the front, sides, and back torso clusters.

For the bottom of the bag, this pattern can also go in the front or back torso, or in the low waist cluster. If using the low waist cluster, use the Parallel to Floor wrap type. Remember to rotate the cluster using the gizmo so that the inside of the pattern is facing up.

Gizmo on bag avatar

If the bag has a flap, handle, or strap, these patterns can be placed in the front or back torso, or the front head cluster. If using the head cluster, use the Parallel to Floor wrap type.

If some patterns in a cluster needs to be controlled separately from the other patterns in the cluster, for example, the handle arranged in the front torso cluster, a new cluster can be created. Placing the pattern in the new cluster allows for it to be rotated and moved the separately.

Bag Gizmo rotation

For more information on clusters, refer to Clusters.

Preparing to Dress

It’s recommended to use fold lines to aid in positioning patterns as needed. For example, adding a fold line on the flap or straps, so that the patterns follow the shape of the bag in prepare mode.

Prepare bag

Due to the scale of the hand and the small patterns often used for bags, it is recommended to use a low grid size. Begin with a grid size at 0.5 and lower the grid size as needed.

Editing the Bag Measurements

Bag avatar measurements options

In the Context view, under Measurements you find measurement options for the different parts of the bag. Under Basic measurements drag the slider next to each option to change the measurements of the width, length and height of the bag until you achieve the result that you want.

Under Shaping Options, drag the sliders to change shape of the bag.

Use the Taper options to pinch the top on X and Y axis.

Use the Curve option to squeeze or add size to the middle area.

Use the Spherify option to make the shape more round.

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