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2D measurement

Tool to measure distances in the 2D window.

2D window

Window that displays pattern pieces.

2.5D trim

2D artwork with a 3D look.

3D annotations

Annotations in the 3D window.

3D environment

Main menu command.
This is also known as a 3D window.

3D gizmo

Tool to manipulate objects with context-dependent functionality, used for moving patterns in the 3D window.

3D measuring tape

Tool to measure parts of an avatar.

3D simulation

Dressing the avatar with a garment.

3D stitch visualization

Feature to create realistic stitching effects in 3D.

3D styling

Tools to adjust the way a garment is draped on an avatar.

3D trim

Trim material that is a three-dimensional object.

3D window

Window that displays an avatar and a dressed garment.

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Short form of Alvanon Body Platform, a central database of virtual bodies created by Alvanon.


Adobe color file


What is affected by an item that you select in the 2D window, and displayed in the Context view.


Tool to align internal lines and artwork quickly.


See Seam allowance.

Alvanon Avatars

Virtual avatars/forms purchased from Alvanon. For more information about Alvanon, visit their website.

Alvanon DRM

Alvanon avatars that use digital rights management (DRM).

Anchor points

Points placed on a scanned avatar so the software can correctly recognize each part of the avatar - also known as hanging points.


Short form of Alvanon Permission File. A file required for the use of Alvanon avatars in VStitcher.

Arrange mode

A mode to arrange how pieces are laid out on the avatar.


Image that can be applied to a pattern piece. Type of material.

Artwork execution

The determination of how artwork or trim is added on the garment, including embroidery, embossed printing, foil printing, and other items.

Artwork schematics

Vector or image of artwork positioned on a pattern shape.


Adobe Swatch Exchange file

Asset library

A source of material assets, such as fabrics, seams, artworks, and trims


A tool to add materials to a garment.


Patterns or materials attached to another pattern without arranging or stitching.

Automatic snapshot

Software creating a reference point image of the garment after simulation is complete.


File format for Alvanon avatars.


3D human like models on which garments can be dressed, fitted, and simulated in a true-to-life manner.

Avatar friction

The amount of friction or stickiness an avatar exerts on a garment.

  • Plastic - least friction

  • Human - standard friction

  • Cloth - most friction

Avatar modest look

A mode in which an avatar wears undergarments in regular look.

Avatar size set manager

A feature that manages collections of avatars in sets of sizes.

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Bind pose

Also known as a T-pose, this computer-animated default pose is used in a 3D model's skeleton before it is animated.

Body resolution

The determination of the smoothness of avatar polygons.
The higher the resolution, the smoother the surface.

Body shaping

The determination of the posture and stance of an avatar.


Short form of Bill of Materials, being a comprehensive inventory of materials required to create a garment.

Bounding box

Temporary outline highlighting selected objects in software, such as artworks or 3D objects.

Browzwear Cloud Library

Cloud-based asset library available for download and use in VStitcher.

Browzwear Connect

Application that handles communication between the software and the Browzwear Cloud for Cloud License, Browzwear Render Cloud, Stylezone uploads, and other cloud-related services.

Browzwear Render Cloud

V-Ray cloud rendering service available for use within Lotta and VStitcher as an optional extra.


Browzwear garment file format.


Browzwear DB Admin database file format.


Browzwear Object file format.

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Camera views

Viewpoints or perspectives in the 3D window.

Carryover style

A style from previous collections, reused or slightly re-designed for a newer collection.


Child pattern

A pattern piece created when symmetry (X or Y) was applied to another pattern piece: the parent pattern piece.


Copy of a pattern piece or material.


Storage for computer-simulated garments.


A group of one or more pattern pieces in the Prepare mode.

Cluster type

The determination of how a pattern within a particular cluster wraps around the bodice in Prepare mode.


When pattern pieces collide.

Collision type

The determination of the order in which pattern pieces are layered over each other when they collide.

Color blending

How the texture image of a material blends with the chosen color of the material.

Color book

A compilation of color libraries

Color libraries

Collections of colors available to apply to materials.

Colors in use

Display of all colors in use in a specific colorway.


Different combinations of color, seams, trims, and fabrics for a style.

Colorway workspace

A workspace within the interface to create or edit combinations of color, seams, trims, and fabrics for a particular style.

Constrained area

An area of a cluster constrained to conform more closely to the body shape of an avatar.

Context view

Pane on the right side of screen, the content of which depends upon an item selected elsewhere in the application.

Corner points

The start or end of an edge on a pattern piece.

Corner seam alignment

The determination of how seams meet at a corner point.


An invisible layer that covers a particular part of the avatar body.


Pen tool option to draw a line from one piece stitched to another piece.

Crotch cover

An invisible layer that covers the crotch of an avatar body.


A comma-separated value text file with a specific format that allows data to be saved in a table -structured format. You can open files in this format in Excel.

Curve type

The determination of how a pattern piece edge or internal line moves through the point. For example, by default, a corner point has a sharp curve type.

Cut Mark

A line property that indicates the position of a slice or cut on a pattern.

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Database key

A number (key) required to add a new database in DB Admin.


A fold stitched in a pattern piece.

Design in sizes

The configuration of the size and position of artwork for defined groupings of sizes.


One of the channels (also known as maps) which, combined with others, determines the appearance of materials, as shown in the context view when editing fabrics.


An action that can be done to a pattern piece.

Double physics fabric

A fabric whose physical properties are doubled to mimic the effect of stitching two layers of patterns together.

Downloadable resources

Files available for download.



Short form of Dots per Inch, being the definition of an image's resolution quality. The higher the DPI, the higher the resolution quality.


Draft mode

3D window viewing option. Lotta 4.0/VStitcher 8.0 and older.


One of the draping properties of a pattern piece.

Drape physics

A set of values, typically obtained by testing fabric using the FAB, which determines how the fabric behaves in simulation.


An action performed using the pen tool.


A tool that starts simulation of a garment.


The short form of drop-down list (or drop-down menu). A user interface element typically in the form of a triangle or arrowhead which, when clicked, displays a menu of options.

Examples:  Drop-down icon    Drop-down icon



Drawing Exchange Format file type that typically contains garment patterns.

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A line marking the border of a garment piece.

Edit points

A mode that allows pattern modification.

Enable in 3D

The legacy name for draping property

Enhanced layer blending

A prerequisite for element layer ordering.

Engineered prints

The controlled position of artwork within a piece of fabric, where the prints are not tiled.



Settings and conditions in the 3D window.

EXP Browzwear Export Preset file

External drawings

Drawings or designs created in Adobe Illustrator.

Extract shape

A pattern piece action using the extract tool.

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FAB machine

Fabric Analyzer by Browzwear – machine used to analyze fabrics and their physical properties.


A type of material.

Fabric texture image

Image that determines the appearance of a material.

Fast mode

3D window viewing option that allows faster simulation.

Field of View (FoV)

A render setting determining the proximity of a view.


A toolbar item used to end 3D simulation.


3D styling option.

Floating line

A line inside a pattern piece, independent of the piece, so that the line does not move when the pattern piece is moved. (However, an internal line always moves with the pattern piece.)


The bending of a piece along an edge or line.

Fold & Hang

A workspace with tools and assets for several presentation use cases.

Fold offset

A value that fixes the number of layers to offset a folded pattern in order to determine how it simulates over or between other patterns.

Force multiplier

A property that replicates the edge of a garment being folded over one or more times.


Fur Preset file


Short form of Frames per Second, being the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images (frames) appear in a display.


Free brush

A tool for freehand drawing.

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The standard name for article of clothing.

Garment layer

A category used for the closet.


A tool to manipulate objects with context-dependent functionality.


File format for 3D exports.


A point property that only displays for an endpoint. If selected, the point's internal line remains on the piece edge even if the piece is altered.


The process of creating a range of sizes for a garment.

Grade point

The point on a pattern piece to measure size grading.

Grain line

The weave of fabric (the direction along which the threads run).

Grid (2D)

A guideline grid available in the 2D window.

Grid (overlay & 3D) The structure used to help with fabric physics and the drape of the garment on a body.


An option to group elements.


A tool in the 2D window to assist in creating a garment.

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Hamburger icon

A multi-line icon that displays a menu of options when clicked.

  • Hamburger menu

Hand cover

Type of cover: an invisible layer that covers the hands of an avatar body.

Hanging points

The points placed on a scanned avatar so the software can correctly recognize each part of the avatar - also known as anchor points.

HDRI lighting

High dynamic range imaging, being a digital imaging technique reproducing a greater range of brightness of light sources than is possible using standard digital imaging techniques.

Head cover

An invisible layer that covers the head of an avatar body.


The option to hide elements so they do not display.


A list of actions taken.


A 3D styling option.

Horizontal contextual menu

A menu of options that changes according to the tool selected.


Hypertext Markup Language, whose elements in a file indicate to a browser how to display the content of a Web page.

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Inner symmetry

The property applied to a pattern piece that divides it into two symmetrical halves. Action taken on one half is automatically replicated on the other half.


A tool to insert elements.


The back side of a garment, facing the body when worn.

Intermediate points

The points that shape the lines of patterns


Internal line

A line inside a pattern piece that does not form an edge.


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JS File

JavaScript file containing code in text form, used to execute JavaScript instructions on Web pages.


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A menu placeholder for certain development features. For example, Folded Shirt.

Layer ordering

A feature to set the order in which layers are ordered.


Part of the 3D environment.


An edge of a pattern piece, an internal line, or a floating line.


Linked material

If a change is made to linked material in one colorway (for example, size or position) the change is automatically implemented in the colorways to which the material is linked.



An option to lock elements so they cannot be edited.

Look at mode

A mode to display an avatar/garment from any angle.


A core Browzwear application for fashion design.

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Magic mirror

A tool that reflects artwork across an imaginary mirror line.

Main menu

The main application menus.

Main toolbar

The main application tools.

Mannequin look

A mode that gives an avatar plastic/metallic skin textures.

Marquee select

The act of dragging over elements in the 2D window to select them.

Material maps

Artwork layers that create the appearance and texture of a fabric.

Material blending

The way in which multiple layers of materials blend together.

Material maps

Layers that determine the appearance and texture of a fabric (also called channels).


Collective name for:

  • Fabrics

  • Seams

  • Artwork

  • Trims

Measurement displays

Measurements of a point or placement visible in the 2D window.



A feature that joins two pieces along a common edge into one piece.


In Browzwear software, grid is used instead of mesh.



Information that describes and provides information about other data.


MIP map

The technique of taking an original high-resolution texture map and scaling and filtering it into multiple resolutions in a texture file. Each scaled texture shows how the texture would look at a specific distance from the user’s viewpoint, allowing a more true-to-life natural representation of the texture. The MIP map avoids moiré patterns that may otherwise appear on surfaces, depending on the angle of the user’s viewpoint.

Moiré pattern

An irregular wavy (or interference) pattern produced when one pattern is put on top of another similar pattern. An example of this type of pattern is two sets of parallel lines, with one set placed at a slight angle to the other as shown in the following image.

Moire example

Multi avatars

A feature that displays multiple avatars.

Multi move

A feature that moves multiple points.

Multi stitch

The stitching of several edges together.

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Navigation mode

A mode that displays an avatar/garment from 360 degrees around the centrally fixed avatar/garment.

Nested patterns

The grading of different sizes stacked on top of a base size pattern.

Net pattern

A pattern without any seam allowance or shrinkage.



A channel (also known as a map) that, combined with other channelss, determines the appearance of materials, as shown when editing seams in the context view.


Small marks made on a pattern to ensure that one pattern piece matches an adjacent pattern.

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Optimal prepare positions

In prepare mode, the best position for patterns to be placed in relation to an avatar


The combination of previously created garments displayed on a single avatar.


The side of a garment facing away from an avatar's body.

Open Platform License giving access to an extensive API integration.

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One of the Resources tabs in VStitcher, a
short form of the word “parameters”. In VStitcher, the Params tab hosts the Rulers and Stitches tabs.


Physically based rendering - a shading and rendering method that replicates how light interacts with surfaces in the real world.


A tool for drawing.


(physical properties)

The physical properties that define the behavior of materials.

Piece protection

The automatic protection of piece edges from being edited.

Piece/Pattern shape

Pattern pieces that make a garment.

Piece symmetry

The description of a pattern piece that has the symmetry property applied to it.



3D styling option.


A type of fold in a pattern piece.

Point handles

The handles on points, used to adjust line curvature.


Single elements with no area or dimensions in pattern pieces or on line segments.


Configurable application preferences.

Prepare mode

The mode to prepare a garment on an avatar it is dressed.

Preset poses

Avatar poses, provided with the software.

Preset view

The configuration of viewing settings

Pressure map

A color-coded map on a garment that shows how tight the garment is on an avatar's body.

Print execution

Artwork instruction for inclusion in the tech pack.

Print to File


A function that saves each piece of a 2D pattern as an individual image at full scale.

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Ray trace rendering

A rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light as pixels in an image plane and simulating how it interacts with virtual objects.

Regular look

A mode that gives an avatar life-like skin textures.

Render credits

A form of currency to pay for rendering services in the Browzwear Render Cloud.

Render engine

A render setting that determines whether a CPU (central processing unit) or GPU (graphics processing unit) is used.

Render preset

A saved configuration of rendering settings.


The automatic generation of a photo-realistic image, turntable, or real-time ray trace.


A function that changes the size of elements, such as artwork.


Contents of the Resources tabs.

Resources tabs

The following tabs, displayed in the application:

  • 2D

  • Materials

  • 3D

  • Params (VStitcher only)


A 3D styling option.

Rigged avatar

An avatar with a skeleton structure.



A function that documents measurements of one or more edges or lines.

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A tool to save work.

SDP VStitcher Size Ranges Preset file
Seam Material assigned to a line or edge.

Seam allowance

The area between the edge of a piece and the line of stitches on pieces of material that are stitched together.

Shape ID number

A system-generated number for each pattern piece.

Shape integrity

A function that does not divide or break a shape when Multi Move is used to move edges with multiple points. As a result, a pattern piece remains intact as a single pattern piece.


The keyboard shortcuts for quick access to functions.


A function that shrinks an edge or internal line by a certain amount.


Dressing a garment.

Single stitch

Stitching one edge to another edge.

Size multiplier

A scale of pattern pieces imported into VStitcher as DXF files.

Size set

A collection of avatars in specific size ranges, which must be created in order to use Design in Sizes.

Slash and spread

A pattern-making option


A tool for use on pattern pieces.


An option for select and pen tools.


A modular design feature.

Smart trims

A combination of 2D & 3D trims.


A reference point image of a garment.

Snap to

An option in the Horizontal contextual menu.

Snap tools

Options in the Horizontal contextual menu that aid in pattern manipulation.


One of the channels (also known as maps) which, combined with others, determines the appearance of materials, as shown in the context view when fabrics are edited.

Stacking order

The determination of the layer of an element in the 2D window.


Computer performance measurements.


A tool that virtually stitches pattern pieces.


A mirrored copy of a pattern in which any actions done to one side of the pattern are duplicated on the other symmetrical side.


Browzwear's secure platform for showcasing 3D prototypes.

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Tech pack

A technical package for production, including all specifications, materials, and patterns.

Tension map

A color-coded map on a garment that shows tension.


An image that shows how a particular material looks.

TPP Browzwear Tech Pack Preset file

Trace changes

An option in the 2D window that displays an outline of the original pattern piece on which changes have been made.


A category of settings displayed in the Context view that change according to the element selected. For example, artwork.


A type of material.

Turntable render

Interactive 3D viewing combination of a series of renders from different angles.

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Short form of Unified 3D Material, being an open standard file format for materials.


A tool that clears a dressed garment.

Use in 3D

An option to disable or enable the use of patterns in the 3D window, which may be:

  • Draping property

  • 3D styling tool - advanced configuration option

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VStitcher camera position file

Vector image

A graphic of points, lines, and curves, based on a mathematical equation, as opposed to solid colored pixels.




Image rendering software.

Note: For more information about rendering, refer to:



VStitcher avatar file format to save and share parametric avatars, which includes settings such as anchor points, measurements, textures, and others.

VSGX Legacy VStitcher garment file format.


VStitcher packed file format.


Core Browzwear application for 3D fashion.

VStitcher CLI

Legacy name of VStitcher Server Engine.

VStitcher Headless

Legacy name of VStitcher Server Engine.

VStitcher Server Engine

A version of VStitcher without a user interface.


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A specialized element that can be added to garments.

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