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Creating Connectors in External Software

Creating Connectors in External Software

Connectors created in external 3D software cannot be deleted in VStitcher or Lotta.

VStitcher and Lotta can read and assign connectors created in external 3D applications. Externally created connectors are useful when connectors should be placed inside the object on an area which is hard to reach with navigation, or when there is no actual geometry to snap to.

To create recognizable connectors:

  1. In the external application, put locators (or any other null objects) next to the object, where required.

    These connectors do not have to be snapped to a vertex. They can be placed somewhere next to the 3D object geometry.

  2. Do not use Freeze Transformation on locators.

  3. Name the locators DotStitch01, DotStitch02, DotStitch03, and so on

VStitcher and Lotta recognize the locators by their name and the application creates connectors in the same position.

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  • how to suppress the basics connector to créate new ones in lotta ?

  • Hi Camus!

    Thank you for reaching out to us. 

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove the original/basic connectors on a 3D trim in Lotta, but you can still add new connector points or lines on the trim. This also apply to VStitcher as some of the default 3D trims have similar characteristic, in which it's not possible to remove their original connectors.


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