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Shirring Effect

Shirring Effect

This video was recorded using version 2021.1.

Shirring effect is made up of a group of internal lines that are given shrink properties.

When creating a shirring effect, here are some important points to note:

  • Ensure that there are internal lines added to the patterns. These can be added in your 2D CAD software before importing the patterns into VStitcher, or added in VStitcher using the Pen tool or the Clone by Offset tool.

  • Multi-select all the internal lines and apply shrinkage.

  • Shrinkage value should depend on the specifications and requirements. You can input a percentage of shrinkage or a target measurement.

  • Lower grid size of the pattern with shirring to display more details.

  • To reinforce the shirring, add a force multiplier of about 1.2 with depth (the width of the pattern) to the edge of the pattern with shirring.


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