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Smocking Effect

Smocking Effect

This video was recorded using version 2021.1.

Smocking effect can be added using one of the following methods:

  • Method One

    Add an additional pattern piece with an image of smocking over existing shirring done on a garment. This is more suitable for simpler smocking effects.

    • The pattern created must be 100% transparent so that you will be able to see the shirring details below.

    • The smocking embroidery must be edited and added in as a separate image.

    • Lock the shirred patterns before simulating the new patterns above to maintain the shirring effect created.

  • Method Two

    Use depth maps like normal and displacement maps for both shirring and smocking effects. This is more suitable for complicated smocking effects.

    • Create the normal and displacement maps in external image-editing or 3D software or by scanning using a Vizoo scanner.

    • Apply these maps on a flat pattern piece.

    • Displacement map effects are visible in ray trace rendering output.

  • Method Three

    Apply the smocking detail as an edge assignable trim for curved patterns. This method also utilizes depth maps applied on flat pattern pieces.

    • Create a seamless trim image in external image-editing software.

    • Use auto-generate depth maps to create the raised effect, or create a normal and displacement map externally.

    • Displacement map effects are visible in ray trace rendering output.


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