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Browzwear Connect Error Message

This section shows how to deal with the situation when the following error message is displayed.

Browzwear Connect Error Message

The error arises if you first open and use an older version of the software, then open and use a newer version and try to render a garment.

Fixing the Issue

To fix this:

  1. Leave the error message displaying on your screen.

  2. On your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac), click Connect icon. The Browzwear Connect pane is displayed.

    Browzwear Connect pane

    The pane displays different content if you are not using a cloud license.
  3. Click Click to display a menu. A menu is displayed.

  4. Click Exit. A confirmation message is displayed.

  5. Click Yes.

  6. On the error message, click Retry.

    You may need to wait a short time before the system responds. Also, you may need to click Retry several times.

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