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Anchor Points and Imported Avatars

Anchor Points and Imported Avatars

When you import an avatar into VStitcher, you normally need to assign anchor points. For more information, refer to Setting Up an Imported Avatar.

However, if the avatar is created with locators (null objects) where needed, and these locators use a certain naming convention, on importing the avatar, the anchor points are automatically set and do not require manual intervention.

The following naming convention must be used:

  • LeftShoulder

  • RightShoulder

  • LeftArmpit

  • RightArmpit

  • LeftRibs

  • RightRibs

  • LeftElbow

  • RightElbow

  • LeftWrist

  • RightWrist

  • LeftHip

  • RightHip

  • LeftKnee

  • RightKnee

  • LeftAnkle

  • RightAnkle

  • Chin

  • Chest

  • BellyButton

  • Crotch

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