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Creating Avatars for Animation

There are many ways to create animation. For the purposes of animation in VStitcher, you need avatars with enough keyframes to have a smooth transition of poses during the animation.

To start, you need a human model that has a rig - where the skeleton is connected to the geometry. Next, work out what animation you want. For example, perhaps you want the avatar to walk across the screen. Then, use your software tool of choice to create the keyframes.

It is recommended to use the services of a professional 3D artist to create an avatar for animation.

For avatars to work in animation, ensure that all the avatar's objects are combined into a single object, and attached to a skeleton.

If you are not a professional 3D artist, or do not have access to one, there are several online sites where you can acquire a rigged model and generate keyframes, or just generate keyframes from your own rigged or non rigged model.

For example, from, you can use the following avatars:

In each case, you can use the avatars in their basic form. Do not include any additional elements, such as hair, shoes, and so on.

For example, you can use the basic Genesis 2 and 3 avatars at


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