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Imported Avatars Overview

Imported Avatars Overview

In VStitcher, you can import avatars, whether native VStitcher, scanned, or created in third-party software. Imported avatars can have body deformations in the form of blend shapes and poses if setup in advance while creating the avatar in third-party software.

  • VStitcher avatars can be imported and exported using the VSA format.

  • Other avatars can be imported in OBJ or FBX format.

  • Scanned avatars have one main advantage: the digital body silhouette can be exactly the same as the physical body form. This means that virtual garments fitted on a scanned avatar can provide a more accurate evaluation of how the garment fits on the body.

  • Avatars created in third-party software are typically produced by 3D artists.


You can import any kind of 3D object as an avatar, for example a hanger. Two hanger types are provided with VStitcher.

Examples of scanned avatars

To use an imported avatar provided by a third-party:

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