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Creating a Specular Map

Creating a Specular Map

To create a specular map:

  1. In Photoshop, open the file for the diffuse map created in Creating a Diffuse Map. Save the file as <filename>_spec. For example, seersucker_spec. The correct name suffix is essential.

  2. On the Main Menu, click Image > Adjustment > Invert. The image is displayed with the inverse colors of the original image.


  3. On the Main Menu, click Image > Adjustment > Saturation.

  4. Make the following adjustments:

    1. Set Saturation to approximately -50.

    2. Set Lightness to approximately -60.

  5. Values may differ depending on material.


    Saturation and Lightness

  6. Save and test the specular map by assigning it to a garment within VStitcher and adjusting the spread. A luster should be apparent on the 3D simulated fabric with a higher spread value.


  7. Save the file in your preferred file format.


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