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Overview of the Animation Workspace

Overview of the Animation Workspace

For information about how to view the workspace, refer to Viewing the Animation Workspace.

Animation workspace

The Animation workspace has the user interface elements as described in the following table.




Main toolbar


Resources tabs


Animation bar


Context view

The other information in this section is about the user interface elements and how they compare to the regular (Home) workspace.

  • Main toolbar

    • The Stitch, Insert, Pen, and Annotate tools are not displayed.

    • As usual, the tools available in the Horizontal contextual menu vary according to the tool selected.

    • For more information, refer to Main Toolbar in the Animation Workspace Reference.

  • Resources tabs

    • Only the Materials and 3D tabs are displayed.

    • The Materials tab includes the Garment and Libraries tabs.

      Resources tabs

    • The 3D tab includes the Avatars, Clips, and Closet tabs.

      3D tab

    • For more information, refer to Resources Tabs in the Animation Workspace Reference.

  • Animation bar

  • Context view

  • 2D and 3D windows

    • By default, the Animation workspace displays the 3D window maximized and the 2D window is unavailable.

    • You can view the Arrange mode window by hovering your mouse in the 3D window and pressing Tab. To hide the Arrange mode window, hover your mouse in either window and press Tab.

    • The 3D window toolbar in the Animation workspace does not display the 3D measuring tape or the Poses drop-down.

      In the Animation workspace, the 3D window is always docked.


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